ECO-Bulk Cargo Ecosystem : Pengendalian Bauksit

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ECO-Bulk Cargo Ecosystem: Revolutionizing Sustainable Cargo Handling at Kuantan Port

Air pollution remains one of the world's leading risk factors for human health and a significant
environmental concern. It contributes to a staggering 11.65% of global deaths each year and
plays a major role in the burden of disease.

Handling of fine and dry cargo like iron ore and bauxite can lead to air pollution as well causing
health problems to the port community and nearby stakeholders. Kuantan Port Authority, with
its immense capacity to handle 50 million tons of cargo, is fully committed to prioritizing the
principles of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) in line with the Green Port Policy of
Kuantan Port 2021-2030.

Recognizing the urgency of this issue, Kuantan Port Authority is taking bold steps towards
cleanest port operation ecosystem and stable biosphere through effective engagement with
all stakeholders.

In a momentous partnership between Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn Bhd, as port operator,
and EPC Consortium Sdn Bhd, as main stevedore, has implemented cleaner and greener
initiatives with the ground-breaking eco-friendly cargo operations project. Combined
investment of approximately MYR 165 million (USD 37 million), these two entities are
spearheading the development of the ECO-Bulk Cargo Ecosystem in Kuantan Port.
The ECO-Bulk Cargo Ecosystem encompasses a comprehensive range of sustainable
infrastructure and practices aimed at mitigating environmental impact. Key features include
the implementation of Airborne Dust Barrier Fences, Fog Cannons, Waste Water Treatment
Systems, Perimeter Drains, and an innovative Eco-friendly Ship Loader System.

Kuantan Port Authority maintains a strong partnership with the Department of Environment,
Malaysia, and the University of Malaysia, Terengganu in the effort of continuous monitoring of
air and water quality within Kuantan Port. By integrating safe and eco-friendly elements into
cargo handling operations, Kuantan Port is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining cargo
quality while driving port economic growth toward a viable and sustainable ecosystem.