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Department Function

  1. Implement the provisions contained in the laws and regulations. Acts is the main Port Authority Act, 1963 and the Ports Act (Privatization) Act 1990;
  2. Issue a license to the operator of the port of KPC to undertake activities in port operations and limit the the issuance of licenses to other activities that do not contradict and conflict with the activities set forth in the license issued by the LPKtn to KPC;
  3. Establish and regulate standards and performance of the journey port activities;
  4. Set and control the standard provision of facilities and services at the port by licensed operators;
  5. Supervise the activities carried out in the port area;
  6. Approve and oversee the development activities undertaken by the KPC by the provisions of the Port Authorities Act, 1963 and the Privatisation Agreement;
  7. Control activities related to marine through Pilotage Committee conduct a pilot, safety waters and marine accidents;
  8. Licensing the licensed operator of malim;
  9. Regulate and supervise the rates charged to users of the port;
  10. Encourage the growth and development of the port;
  11. Acting as the landlord and ensure a perfect use of the land as planned and no changes to the structure of the port and building that has been done without approval;
  12. Assist the Central Government, especially the Ministry of Transport and the State Government in planning the development of the Port and the surrounding area including long-term planning;
  13. Assist the Central Government, State Government and KPC in introducing and marketing the port;
  14. Creating and coordinating the response system for port users in relation to the performance of the port operators;
  15. Collect statistical data and information on the activities of the port;
  16. Providing statistical data and information to the authorized bodies;
  17. Entertain questions regarding matters connected with the port;
  18. Act as intermediaries private sector and government agencies in connection port;
  19. Act as an advisory body in matters involving the port activities;
  20. Promote research activities related to port;
  21. Oversee and ensure the safety of the harbor and the activities also and the cargo properly and effectively managed; and
  22. Conducting administrative functions port;


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