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1. What is the difference between the Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan and Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn Bhd

Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan is a federal statutory body under the Ministry of Transport , which acts as a Regulatory and facilitator for Kuantan Port . While the Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn . Bhd . a port operator who is licensed to carry out operations in Kuantan Port.

2. What is the time working at Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan ?

Time work is in accordance with the Working Time Phased follow the Service Circular No. 2 of 2007 as follows :

But when matters involving application Cargo Ship Safety and Hazard Disclosure is 24 hours .

3. How do I contact the Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan?

Tanjung Gelang, Peti Surat 161,
25720 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Emel: info[at]lpktn[dot]gov[dot]my
Tel: 09-5858000
Fax: 09-5833866

Or fill in the feedback form available on the website of Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan.

1.How users can get information related to the handling of dangerous cargo at the Port of Kuantan?

Information regarding hazardous cargo may be obtained from the website

2. What action can be taken against an agent who does not send application for a declaration of dangerous cargo ?

All cargo will not be allowed to load up / down of the ship until the application is approved .

3. How cargo control hazards KPA Group 2?

Dangerous cargo Group 2 should be in direct delivery of ships either kept out of the harbor or from outside the port continues to ship . However , temporary storage for 48 hours in port areas permitted under certain conditions .

1. How can I find out about the level of security at the Pelabuhan Kuantan?

Pelabuhan Kuantan security level displayed on the website at the Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan Important Announcement or information can be obtained from the MTSO Pelabuhan Kuantan .